Our Services

Seeking to deliver a swift resolution to a lock out or lock issue, we strive to aim for a fast response 24 hours a day*, 7 days a week* for all lock repair and replacement work.

Upon arriving we will determine the best course of action and proceed accordingly. Where possible we will try and pick or open the lock without inflicting damage upon it. If the key is on the inside of the lock we can attempt to extract it via a letter box tool.

If the sole solution would be to drill the lock out (if other methods have been exhausted) or if the lock is broken beyond repair we can replace the barrel of the lock and provide new keys to operate it.

Our services for opening, repair and replacement apply to doors, windows and cabinets of various descriptions.

Example of what we do:

For wooden doors and windows the opportunity exists for parts to be fitted from scratch to supplement the pre-existing lock. Fitting handles, chains, bolts and multiple types of locks to wooden windows and doors of various sizes, we aim to provide you with the additional security and peace of mind through the high quality fitting of a British Standard quality part we can supply. Alternatively, if you already have the part then the locksmith can allow it to be fitted.

The locks work we carry out

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